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Jan 26

Video Marketing

Videos are a great promotional tool for your online business and yes, videos can help you earn money online in a variety of ways. You can earn money online by creating videos that boost your online business and solve customer needs or you can create an income stream by selling advertisements on your videos. Those are two core options available with video marketing.

Social Media & Video’searn money online with video marketing and your online business

Of course we all know that Youtube and other social media sites are quickly outperforming search engines when visitors are looking for information and you would be wise to leverage this marketing trend to make it work for you. By posting your videos on social networking sites an online business video can help introduce your business to a global audience at very low costs. A video marketing dream!

A lot of people choose to hire online business video marketing services. There are some great companies out there but you should be relieved to know that you can earn money online without having to hire some of these high priced companies, especially when you’re first getting started. When starting out, you’re paying these companies to design and produce marketing videos which will get your online business the greatest exposure. They also specialize in posting your online business videos to a variety of websites in the hopes of getting you more views and more clicks, all in an effort to help you earn money online.

DIY Video Marketing

The most well produced videos do not guarantee success. In fact, a great many videos that are extremely successful were shot right on an Iphone! We’re sure you’ve seen this. We can think of three main categories of video marketing that usually goes viral. Some of the most common examples include video tutorials, very niche-oriented videos and of course let’s not forget cute and funny if you can offer a video that educates, provides valuable content or shocks and entertains people, your chances of going viral dramatically increases.
These methods can definitely help you drive traffic to your website. Once the visitors arrive, it is up to your video content to demonstrate how to use your products or production glimpses to convert even casual surfing into enquiries and/or sales. To help the conversion rate, another video marketing tactic involves the use of annotations within your online business videos. These annotations, which are extremely easy to create, can be calls to action, links to relevant content or even links to other videos.

earn money online with video marketing for your online businessVideo Marketing Promotion

OK, we’ve got the videos produce and they contain great annotations and now it’s time to drive some traffic to your videos. For the quickest results we recommend PPC or search network advertising. Organic search rankings certainly should not be overlooked but it takes a bit more time so see results when you use this method. Again, it’s not necessary to employ a professional for you video marketing advertising campaigns. We can help you get your campaign up and running very quickly. You need to create ads with a great headline and appropriate calls to action within the ads. A little research here goes a long way and once you use our proven methods to get results, you’ll surely start to earn money online. In addition to the necessary keyword research, you also need to optimize you landing pages. If you need some templates, we’ve got a great free tool that will help you create some landing pages with documented conversions.

There’s a lot to consider with your video marketing campaign. We’ve helped dozens of online business entrepreneurs get started. Contact us for a consultation and free software that will help you earn money online.

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