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Aug 05

Treat The Online Business You Start Seriously

 My Father told me to treat everything seriously!

Growing up, my father used to tell me that no matter what I did with my life, I had to do it whole-heartedly and seriously. He mostly meant in terms of my relationships and careers, but I have taken it to heart in all areas of my life. Now, my father grew up, lived, and died well before this digital age took off. He saw some of the first home computers and video games, but that was it. He totally missed out on the internet and the cell phone revolution. So when he said “treat it seriously,” he never knew how it would apply to me one day.


Money was never a problem

I have always been an entrepreneur. From the classic lemonade stand to starting my own publication in college, I always wanted to work for myself. This manifested in me owning a couple of businesses after college. During those years I learned a lot about running a business, but it was almost all offline. I had to close shop on my last office a few years ago, just as the online business craze was starting. If there’s anything I noticed about that, it was that no one took it seriously – not the people on the inside, and not the people on the outside. Scams abounded. It was like watching late night infomercials with guys in money suits yelling “Make money fast!” So in turn, I never took online businesses seriously either.

Until a couple of years ago my money Jobs where not fun!

I was between jobs and absolutely miserable. All I had was an internet connection and the knowledge in my head. I needed money fast. So like I was watching those infomercials again, I got online and launched a website to make some money. I tapped into my own business experiences and offered my services as a consultant to the world. All I had was my resume and a lot of time on my hands.

Over the course of that time, my life completely changed as I treat everything seriously!

I learned that, just like my father used to tell me, you have to take your online business seriously. It’s not a hobby. It’s not play time just because you are on the computer. I love this job, though. I don’t have to get dressed and I don’t even have to leave my bedroom. But I do have to use my brain, and I do have to put my all into everything I do. It’s not easy work, just because it’s easy living. I think this is what many people miss the mark on when they have online businesses. They treat it as a game as opposed to something serious.

I wouldn’t trade what I do for the world now. I have built up my career again, and this time without any overhead! I owe it all to my father who told me “Treat everything seriously.” I miss him and wish he could see my success today. For all of you thinking about making money online, just listen to the words of my father.

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