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Jan 10

Tips On Posting To Online Forums

A hot topic in the online business community is how to earn money online using online forums. The requirements seem simple enough, create unique and quality content, write articles and then getting your name ‘out there’ by hitting the forums and blogs in your niche.

Here’s some ideas on how to get started.

promote your online business with an online forum to earn money onlineSign Up!

Find out what the top online forums are in your particular industry. There are a lot of choices out there and there’s also a lot of different levels of popularity. Don’t automatically rule out the online forums with lower traffic. Your presence on these types of sites may be more noticeable. Of course, you’ll have to register on the site and be sure to understand the terms and conditions when doing so.  More than likely you’ll receive an email confirmation of your membership and they you have to wait for the email confirmations to come, and then you have to activate your membership via the instructions in your email.

Now, you’re ready to start.

It Gets Easier

Once you start, you’ll get hooked! You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn, both personally and professionally via online forums. Professionally, there are lots of people with an online business trying to learn how to earn money online and you can get a lot of tips. Personally, it’s very satisfying offering people advice in their efforts to promote their business online. It’s all about exchanging ideas! The bonus is, you can promote your own online business at the same time.

How Do I Do It?ear money online for your online business by posting to online forums

Here’s some suggestions on which forums to use to promote your online business.

First of all, you’ll want to target blogs and forums that get lots of comments and contain contributions from well-known bloggers. Consider the larger internet marketers, since they have an ability to attract other online business marketers tying to earn money online. That’s your audience and that’s where you’ll be able to learn and share the most.

You’ll also want to really participate in the forum. Add something informative or of true value, you’ll receive it back tenfold.

Develop A Posting Strategy

Postings can be overwhelming if you don’t focus and have a plan. Again, you want to hit the busier sites, but make a list of the sites you want to visit and contribute to. Now this is important. Schedule the amount of time you’re going to dedicate to your postings along with the number of days you plan to post and stick with it! You would be amazed at how time can slip away from you once you get “sucked into” a lively discussion. Most important, remember your goal. You’re promoting your online business to earn money online, so again, keep the posts relevant and informative.

The End Result

Posting to online forums can be simple, but it is time consuming. The payoff can be huge with when you see our website clicks increase from people clicking on your posted links.

Finally yes it takes time, yes sometimes it can be a pain, but yes it works so don’t delay get on and build your blog and forum posting list – once you have that on a spreadsheet its quick & easy to hit some during your lunch hour at work or even before you leave home to take the kids to school – don’t put it off!

Are you new to internet marketing or just need some ideas to boost your online business? We’ve helped dozens of companies earn money online. Contact us for a free evaluation of your online marketing plan.


  1. Tom

    This is an Excellent Article. Thank you for taking the time to break it all down!

    1. Shawn and Kelly Hodgson

      Tom, thank you for your comments!

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