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Feb 06

Get Better SEO Results With These Strategies

We’ve seen the power increased results gained from our internet marketing initiatives, but we’re always asking – what more can we do? How can we get increased results with our online business and improve our search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM) and social media marketing (SMM)?

Two SEO Options

If you want to get better results and earn money online, you really only have two choices, penetrating your current markets more aggressively or entering new markets.

earn money online with your online business and seoLet’s look at the first option, penetrating your current market more aggressively. It’s really about doing more of what’s working and hopefully improving upon it. You may begin by looking at your current advertising campaign. Use the tools Google analytics provides to really examine your keywords. Do testing with different keyword match types: broad, phrase and exact. We’ve seen great results with our online business by looking at what keywords our competitors are using along with testing different keyword match types. These tests have increased the amount of time viewers stay on our site, reduced our bounce rate and helped us earn money online.

SEO & Your Website

Another important thing to consider when trying to get better SEO results is your website content. Again, you’re going to have to do a lot of testing here to see what really works. We’ve gotten great results with using video on our website. People seem to prefer watching a video as opposed to reading mundane material on your online business. It’s easier and more entertaining, which helps with user engagement. Google loves user engagement on You Tube. It will improve your quality score and you’ll get more bang for your buck with your advertising dollar. The bonus is that these different types of content will get you search engine rankings in different areas of the search results.

If you do choose to use videos get your videos uploaded to your You Tube channel you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results. Social media is quickly catching up with the more traditional means of online searches like Google and Yahoo often for many or the reasons listed above.

SEO & Content Marketingearn money online with your online business and seo

And don’t forget about all of the ways you can promote your content online. There’s lots of website looking for valuable content for their websites. Check out My Blog Guest or Blogger Link Up for starters. Here you’ll find different website publishers who are looking for quality content. These publishers are looking for content for a variety of categories such as online business, the arts, lifestyle, self-improvement, “green” living. The list is very comprehensive. So how will this help you with your SEO marketing? There’s two ways. One, it will help you get backlinks. Backlinks will give you more traffic for your online business and it will increase your advertising quality score. Second, although the articles you submit cannot be self-promoting you are able to put a byline at the bottom of the articles which can contain a link to your website. For traffic should equal an increased ability to earn money online.

Finding New Markets

Now let’s look at entering new markets. Some of the same principals apply but you have to look at them at a slightly different angle. You really have to brainstorm here and expand your reach beyond your typical customer. There may be a whole new audience that either doesn’t know your product or service exists, or they don’t realize they need it.

So how do you reach them? Again, start by looking at your keyword strategy. Consider some SEO alternatives. Then you’ll want to look at your targeting. Try a different age demographic, if your targeting males more than females you may want to rethink that, if it’s appropriate What about geo targeting? Should you add or eliminate certain countries or parts of a country. I can personally tell you our advertising dollars went a lot further once we eliminated countries from our Adwords campaign.
Our costs went down while we increased our ability to earn money online.

And just because Google is the undisputed king of online advertising, remember there are other options available for your SEO and SEM. You have Bing or Yahoo Search. No need to visit the MSN Ad center because that’s now the bing/yahoo network. Since these options are often secondary to Google when any online business considers SEO, there is often less competition.

We hope this article has given you some ideas on how to improve your online business and your SEO.
This is just a starting point! If your goal is to earn money online, contact us for a free evaluation on how you can start or improve your online business today.

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