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Must Read Book List

Our Recommended Book List



book recomendationsWe thought we would take the time to put together a list of the books we have read which have been essential in the successes we’re seeing in SFM and our other businesses.We have included some personal development books but most of the books here are practical, meat-and-potatoes, how-to books. Sometimes it’s nice to have a physical book you can refer to in order to consider your next strategy.We will add to this page as and when we find other books which we love.If you want to buy the book you can click on the image and it’ll take you to Amazon.co.uk. All of this will be available on the US site too. (No affiliate links so click away).


The List


Ultimate Guide to Facebook Advertising: How to Access 600 Million Customers in 10 Minutes

We love this book. We’ve read it several times and it taught us loads about advanced FB advertising. A lot of the success we’ve had within The Six Figure Mentors business has been down to the knowledge gained from this book.

If you’re doing Facebook advertising then this book is a must!


Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords 3/E: How to Access 100 Million People in 10 Minutes

I  have used this book extensively in the past, along with the next book in the list, in other online businesses and still do to this day. I manage an Adwords account with an average daily spend of £2,000 per day and its highly optimised thanks to the advice and knowledge learned from these two books.

They won’t necessarily help directly with marketing SFM as Google don’t like the promotion of squeeze pages, but the knowledge gained from reading it will set you up for managing any online marketing campaigns – trust me!


Advanced Google AdWords

This is another great Adwords book which goes into more detail and more advanced strategies than the previous book. I’ve devoured it on several occasions and it’s high on my list of recommendations to beginners and experts alike that want to master Adwords.


Words that Sell, Revised and Expanded Edition: The Thesaurus to Help You Promote Your Products, Services, and Ideas

This great little book was actually recommended to us by fellow SFM members Greg & Fiona Scott (thanks guys!). It’s really handy when you’re writing headlines or subjects and is like a thesaurus for the online marketer. Great book to keep on your desk for easy access.


The Parable of the Pipeline: How Anyone Can Build a Pipeline of Ongoing Residual Income in the New Economy

This book looks really good which is why it’s made the cut. We own it and have scanned through the chapters but havent digested it’s content properly yet. Don’t want to review it until Ive read it but will come back and edit this as and when I get around to it.


The 4-Hour Work Week: Escape the 9-5, Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich

This book is awesome and has a huge following online and offline. It’s written by a guy called Timothy Ferris. He sure seems to follow his own recommendations.

The book really helps you to setup your entrepreneur mindset and forces you to look at your lifestyle and to challenge the status-quo.


How to Make Your Advertising Make Money

A oldie but a good un. Has some helpful snippets in. I found it interesting so it’s here in the list.


The Copywriter’s Handbook: A Step-by-step Guide to Writing Copy That Sells

A great copywriting resource which will help you get into the mind of your website visitors and ad viewers and enables you to squeeze out each drop of conversion. Recommended.


The Secret

Most of you will probably have read this but we couldn’t do a book list without mentioning it. Not everybody goes into all the hocus-pocus of thinking up your goals but we have our own take on how this works. We are big believers in positive thinking and “knowing” that you will succeed. Set your goals and believe 100% that you WILL achieve them, and guess what, you almost certainly will. This has worked for us over the years so get this book and read it (or watch the movie).


Rich Dad Poor Dad

I LOVE this book. I absolutely love it. I also have the unabridged audio book so I can listen to it when Im out driving or on the golf cart.

I won’t say much other than if you haven’t read it, GET IT NOW! You will not regret it guys, seriously. The stories are so true. Ive done my own research on this and listened to it with my grandpa. He is almost 80 and confirmed that it’s all true. He has unfortunately made some of the errors that the book says to avoid having been in business for some 40 odd years.

Get it now. Seriously.


Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant: Guide to Financial Freedom

Another great little book from the Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Another top recommendation for you to buy.


Think and Grow Rich

This should be like a manual for the entrepreneur. It was written years ago after Napoleon Hill was instructed to visit and interview all the millions of his time to find out how they done it. It took him decades and loads of struggle but the end result is incredible. The facts and points within the book still hold true today – despite it having been written 100 odd years ago! Incredible.

Hope you get something from that list. My suggestion would be to purchase one per month – and READ THEM. It’s so easy to buy the books and do “shelve development”. Dont fall into this trap and that includes not buying too many books in one go.

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