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Jan 14

Keyword Research Rules For 2014

As we ring in the New Year I find that we have to really update our keyword research strategy. We, like everyone else, are at the mercy of Google’s algorithms but we didn’t want to start from scratch because a lot of what I’m doing is working really, really well. But since we have to keep up with the ever changing beast we call SEO, we developed some strategies to continue to help our online business succeed and continue to earn money online.

Keyword Research

earn money online for your online business with keyword research
We’ve spent a lot of time doing keyword research and studying projected volume for both us and our competitors. It was very time consuming and may no longer be the best tool to use. Google has recently limited the amount of data they share regarding keywords. I found out the hard way when data I was looking for just wasn’t available anymore. We’ll no longer be doing our competitive analysis that way.

The solution? Going back to basics. We had a good old fashioned brain storming session, really putting ourselves in our customer’s shoes. How can they benefit from purchasing products or services from our online business? After a month we looked at what keywords and phrases were performing well, increased their bid amounts and added some more. The hard work does pay off and increased our ability to earn money online.

Other Keyword Research Tools

Theory has it that meta descriptions no longer carry the weight they used to but I still use them as a keyword tool. Remember, your meta description is what displays on the search result pages. Why wouldn’t you want to pay attention to that? If I write a great meta description I only improve my chances of getting my listing clicked on, improving my chances to earn money online, since that is my overall goal. If the budget for your online business is small, there’s lots of free word press plugins to help you with your meta descriptions. Consider trying Yoast SEO or All in one SEO.

Now that you’ve done your keyword research, added them to your content and you’ve optimized them, let’searn money online for your online business with keyword research put them to work! How? Start developing your backlinks! This can be done organically but it will take a very long time for this to happen. Taking a proactive approach to this will bring about quicker results. Here’s how to make it a little easier, have your viewers create backlinks for you! That’s right. Make some quality content, engaging content, something funny or inspirational in the hopes of making your content go viral. This won’t work for average copy promoting your online business. Think about what you like, and articles you share. That will give you a good starting point.

Look At The Numbers

Now it’s time to see how your keyword research paid off. Did your efforts help you earn money online? Are you showing up on the search engine results? Here’s some things you may want to analyze to see where you are and where you need to go.

Get a tool to check your monthly search engine results page rankings. Check out your competitors. What keywords do you use to find them and should you be using the same ones? Did you submit your website and all its content to the search engines? Most important, stay on top of industry trends to better enable you to stay ahead of the keyword research game.

Need some help with your keyword research? We’ve helped dozens of people earn money online. Contact us for a consultation to learn how you can earn money online.

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