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Jun 20

Investing in yourself

$So many people are looking for the next great stock pick! Or they are dreaming about how great it would be if they would just hit the lottery because they have been playing for 20 years and they think they are do to hit it soon!

I say invest in yourself! Take that money you have in the market and take that money that you play the lottery with and invest in yourself! When you invest in yourself you have control over everything! You know how many hours you have to put in to start turning a profit. There is no bad news on the TV to affect your business. You just keep plugging along doing your thing making money on your terms not someone else’s. Its funny I have always invested in myself so when I look back and see that 5 years ago we had a recession or that the stock market crashed. It never really came to my attention as I always had all my money invested in me. So there was no losing money because big business cheated the system and took advantage of the government.

So when you see a good opportunity and it feels good in your gut and you can surround yourself with good people to help through the process and get you on your feet. Jump on it and never look back it will be the best thing you ever did I promise.


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