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Jan 23

Email Marketing Strategies

Any entrepreneur looking to earn money online with a new or existing online business will have one main goal when it concerns their website visitors – getting their visitors to convent in one manner or another.

Getting Conversionsearn money online with email marketing and your online business

A conversion doesn’t necessarily mean making a sale. A conversion goal for your online business can be obtaining an email address, getting some form of “social currency” such as a Facebook like or a tweet or perhaps having your website visitor download your product or service information.

In fact, the most profitable conversion goal should be building your email list.

You should certainly keep a list of all of your email contacts whether they signed up on your website or elsewhere. Add all business contacts that you receive either virtually or fact to face to your email marketing list. The most successful online business owners use their list in a range of ways to create connections and market items that are a win-win for both parties concerned. Building an online relationship with your visitors is essential when trying to earn money online.

You need a good email service provider and there are plenty to choose from. Most have similar offerings depending on the size of your current list but to really respond to future needs of your hopefully every expanding email list be sure to select a vendor that can grow with you and offers auto responders.

Online Business Autoresponders

New subscribers to your email list require immediate and customized attention. Ways that an autoresponder can help you earn money online are
- Welcome new subscribers
- Drive visitors back to your site via special offers or promotions
- Build an ongoing and trusting relationship with people on your email list
- It will save you a ton of time!

earn money online with email marketing and your online businessAfter enabling auto responders you should use your email list to keep your visitors up to date on your online business. Send them notifications about product launches, special “member only” prices or interesting articles that will help them to also succeed online.

How Does It help Me Earn Money Online?

An often neglected tactic with email marketing is one of the oldest sales tools around. Referrals.
Don’t be afraid to ask for them. When you have satisfied customers and you’re providing a valuable service, there’s no reason a current customer wouldn’t want to recommend you. Ask people on your current email marketing list to recommend your products and services to others. You’ll be surprised at how fast this tactic can help you earn money online.

The final method for leveraging an email marketing listing is to communicate often. Your auto-responder series must integrate a series of messages for customers in different stages of your sales cycle. This is where customization of your email message can really pay off. By regularly staying in front of your customers and making use of valuable content that you provide, you will convince people to stay engaged and have a greater propensity to buy from you.

The time to develop your email marketing strategy is now. In parallel, make certain to concentrate your powers on leveraging your email list to make use of the variety of strategies available to increase your online presence and ability to earn money online.

Need help getting your email marketing campaign started? We can help you with email marketing software, free landing pages and proven strategies that will help you earn money online. Contact us for a free consultation.


  1. George S.

    I am very impressed after reading your concept of earn money online. Looking forward to working with you. Thank you for your blogs and articles.

  2. Arthur Burlo

    Shawn and Kelly that is so true!

    I am always very shy about asking for referrals. I feel like I am begging and desperate, but you are right, nothing is lost just by asking! Thanks for the great article,


    1. Shawn and Kelly Hodgson

      Thank you Arthur! Really appreciate when people like yourself take the time to write to us!

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