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Feb 18

Customer Service In A Virtual World

We’ve all been victims of poor online customer service. There’s often no contact telephone number listed for a majority of online businesses, long hold times for chat support and it takes days for an email reply to your online customer service question.

Companies that employ these tactics may be saving money on customer service costs but they’re also sure to see an ever decreasing retention rate for their online business. Consumers have too many options available to them online and switching to your competitor is a simple as a click of a link. If you can’t take care or your customer, someone else will.

earn money online with customer service for your online businessIf you want to earn money online you need to keep your customers happy. It costs between 4 to 10 times more to get a customer that to keep a customer so treat the ones you have well. If your goal it to earn money online these simple truths will help you keep your customers and gain new ones.

Don’t Take You Customers For Granted

If you have an online business, marketing through email auto responders makes it very easy to keep in contact with your customers and prospects. It takes very little time on your part to set this up and it could make a big difference in your long term ability to earn money online.
When using email marketing messages, try to make the online relationship more personal – as if you were speaking with a customer in a brick and mortar store. Thank them for coming in, suggest some items they might be interested in, show them your specials, sincerely appreciate their business and ask them to tell their friends.

Manage Your Online Business Reputation

Customers are more likely to share a bad experience than a positive one. Unfortunately, if they do so online, and the experience is negative, they’re telling the whole world, not just the neighborhood. One perfect example is the rants and raves listed on www.Yelp.com.
If you have a dissatisfied customer, fix it, even if you don’t agree. The consequences of not doing so are too high. If you find a negative post online, offer to fix the problem both publicly and privately, and make sure your resolution is posted right next to the complaint so prospects see that you really do care and you are pro-active when it comes to online customer service.

The Human Touch Earns You Money Online

There’s no denying the convenience the internet provides for both online business owner and customers, but people are still a bit uncomfortable dealing with a URL as opposed to a company with a face and a name.
Look at the millions of dollars spent to TV advertising to achieve brand recognition and putting a face with that brand. Think of Michael Jordan and Nike, Steve Jobs and Apple, heck even Ronald McDonald.
This is also one of the reasons companies – either online or off – thrive with social media. Customers feel earn money online with customer service for your online businessconnected and they’re part of a community.

You and your online business may not be celebrity status but when people know who they’re dealing with, they just feel more comfortable. This is where social media such as Facebook and Twitter can be an asset. Be proactive and make yourself (or your representatives) available not only to say “hey, this is the online business owner, I appreciate you and I want to connect”, but also make yourself available through these platforms to resolve any customer service issues that may arise. Encourage your customers to participate in your social media platforms.

Give Them A Reason To Come Back To Your Online Business

Just because someone hasn’t purchased your product or service yet, it doesn’t mean they won’t. You have to provide value or a benefit to your prospects and clients to get them to purchase or continue to purchase.
Some ways you can nurture this relationship (in addition the suggestions we listed above) are:
• Educate your prospects and customers on the benefits of your offer.
• Communicate your competitive advantage and explain how your customer will benefit or how you are better than the competition.
• Offer discounts or incentives for first time or repeat customers.
• Offer a referral program.

Employing these tactics will help you earn money online. We’ve helped dozens of small online businesses with their marketing and customer service issues, including email auto responders. Contact us for an evaluation of your business and let us help you make your business succeed.


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