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Dec 30

Create Online Videos That Earn Money Online


Neglecting a online video call to action (CTA) is a major disadvantage because it’s your opportunity to tell youruse a call to action to earn money online viewers exactly what action you’d like them to take. You can prompt a demo, a download, a trial, or even relevant content. If you don’t use a CTA, it’s likely you’ll lose a viewer to other distractions such as competitor videos or suggested content on YouTube. Remember, the main focus on your online video is to help you earn money online.

What do people focus on when creating a online video?

Most people focus on getting their online video produced extremely well. What you should be concentrating on is connecting your online videos to calls to action and ROI. Don’t focus on making a perfect video, focus on creating a online video that gets you perfect leads.

You want to create videos that prompt viewers to perform another action through your online video calls to action. Some examples are downloading a valuable piece of information such as a free report or testimonials. This allows you to track how many downloads occur as a result of your online video.

Ways To Use A Call to Action In Your Online Video

One option to consider with your online video calls to action include using a video as a trainer. This way, the video becomes a content preview that acts as an incentive for leads to fill out a form to download.

earn money online with your online video call to actionWhen you have a large piece of content, create a video trailer like we mentioned above promoting the content. The online video trailer can reveal some “teaser copy” of key components of the copy you’re promoting. This can be especially useful if you’re trying to earn money online through an ebook, for example.

Get your online video’s host to ask for this engagement directly within a video. Ask viewers to “like” your online video or to leave comments.

Be direct and use a strategic moment: Use clear language starting with a verb (i.e. “download the white paper”, “Click to learn more”, “Subscribe to our content”, etc.), and consider a pop-out CTA for a particularly opportune moment. If you’ve just announced a new product, for example, a pop-out CTA could direct viewers

Don’t be afraid to ask for action. You can’t earn money online if you don’t get people to click your call to action. Tell the viewer what you want them to do in your online video annotations and use clear language such as “Click to learn more”, “Subscribe to our channel”. If you’ve just announced a new product, for example, a pop-out call to action can give viewers a link to a product or service that they can purchase immediately.

Using a call to action within your online video will certainly produce more leads and allow you to earn money online.

We’ve helped dozens of people earn money with their own online business. Please contact us at http://ShawnAndKellyHodgson.com for a free 30 minute consultation today.



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