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Feb 13

Content & Social Media Strategy

If you want your online business to get noticed in 2014 you have to take advantage of social media and one of the most prominent ways to make a presence here and leverage the power of social media to help you earn money online is through content marketing.

If you’ve got quality content, your social media efforts will definitely pay off.

Give people a reason to like you.

earn money online with your social marketing for your online businessValuable content makes you popular on social networks. For useful active engagement you have to participate in social media. Send out tweets, link to articles, participate in discussions but remember. It’s not all about you. The best way to get people to like you is to let them talk about themselves. So let them do it because it’s probably going to end up giving you some valuable back links. When you give people a reason to “like” or follow you, you no longer have to ask them to do so. For example, when you go on Facebook, you’re looking for what your friends and family have posted; that’s content. They will often have posted videos, images, and links to other sites and articles. In other words, people access social media sites to post and consume content.

Getting “Found” In Social Media

How are people going to find your online business? How can you earn money online through social media? It all comes back to content. Social media is quickly catching up with search engines. This is now where people go when they want answers. It’s important to have quality, key word rich content, which will make your information easy to be found via the search engines.

In searches outside social channels, content increases search engine rankings, making you more immediately findable. With social media, content makes you findable because it identifies you and because it makes you involved in the conversations that are already happening.earn money online with social media marketing for your online business

Social Media Referrals

If used properly, content marketing and social media can help your efforts to earn money online. There’s a fine line you don’t want to cross here. Your content should not be pushy sales copy but have more of a consultative or educational slant. If your content is truly valuable or even entertaining, then the chances of it going viral increase tenfold.

Find Your Niche

If you find the right demographics and your content is deemed valuable, you have an audience that will be receptive to the marketing message for your online business. When people find the content you wrote particularly of interest, they’ll want to interact with your brand and they’ll form a positive opinion of you and your products or services. They’ll remember you, not by your catchy slogans, but by being their go-to source for information about a subject that matters to them.

Content Helps You Earn Money Online

Taking full advantage of a social media strategy based on content marketing to boost the presence of your online business. It’s the engagement with your content and thus your brand that drives social media purchases.

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