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Dec 10

Characteristics Of An Entrepreneur

Want To Be An Online Entrepreneur?

Recently there’s been a surge in the number of people starting their own home based business. That’s especially true when it comes to the Internet. The fact is, thousands of people are starting their own online business every day. Why? The main reason is often the financial rewards associated with having your own online business. You’re not working to make money for someone else, you’re working to make money for you.  Other reasons include getting out of the 9-5 grind, working when and where you want and getting more free time. Let’s not forget the low barrier to entry costs. Staring an online business has limited

An Entrepreneur can succeed with a home based business and online business

start-up costs when you compare it to setting-up a brick and mortar business.

But here is an interesting question that you may want to ask. Are all these people considered entrepreneurs? In a way, you can certainly call these people “entrepreneurs” since they are starting their own business. However, not all of them are “true entrepreneurs”. Most of them can only be considered “opportunity seekers” at best.

Online Entrepreneurs vs. Opportunity Seekers

There are a lot of qualities that separate the online entrepreneurs from the opportunity seekers.

The opportunity seekers have little vision and are looking for a get rich quick opportunity that usually has exaggerated income claims. This leads to frustration, they quit and move onto the next short term get rich quick scam. The true entrepreneur, on the other hand, does have a vision. They’re committed and in it for the long haul.

What Are The Characteristics Of An Online Entrepreneur?

An entrepreneur can be successful with a home based business and online businessWondering if you have what it takes? I bet you do. You just need to unleash your inner entrepreneur.Following are some characteristics that I feel are essential in becoming a successful online entrepreneur.

1. Have A Goal And A Vision

In my opinion, one of the most important characteristics of an entrepreneur is having a goal and a vision.  For example, Steve Jobs has the vision of changing the world, which he did. Bill Gates has the vision of a computer in every home. I believe that it is one of the main reasons why they become so successful.  They decided what they wanted to accomplish and then follow through.

Perhaps not all entrepreneurs have a vision as great as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. But at the very least, they are very clear about what they want to achieve. For example, they may decide they want to make at least six figures per year. Therefore, the action they take is congruent with their goals.

While a lot of opportunity seekers are looking for the easiest ways to make money online, often chasing one shiny object after another, these true entrepreneurs are working hard building their brands with extreme focus. In other words, vision is what separates the true entrepreneurs from the wannabee’s.

2. Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

A true entrepreneur is always looking for a breakthrough. He or she is constantly expanding his comfort zone. He is always trying new things. He is not going to let fear stop him in his tracks.

Let’s take Internet Marketing as an example. A true entrepreneur may feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a camera. But that is not going to stop him from making a video. He may not know how to create or even launch a product. But that is not going to stop him because he knows what he wants to achieve and they will do what needs to be done, be it training or online mentorship, to achieve their goals.

3. Take Action And Be Focused

As I mentioned earlier, you need a goal and you need to focus on that goal. Read and learn everything you can about not only your chosen online business but also fellow entrepreneurs who have succeeded.

Learn about their determination, their drive and their ability to never give up.

I’ve helped hundreds of people realize their dreams of becoming online entrepreneurs by starting their own home based business. If you would like a complimentary training session please contact me at http://ShawnAndKelly.net.


  1. Jill Neusbaum

    Keep this going please, great job!

  2. Krista Wilson

    I am so happy to read this. This is the type of manual that I was looking for. Appreciate your sharing this information

    1. Shawn and Kelly Hodgson

      We really appreciate it Dina!!!

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