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Dec 31

To Earn Money Online, Treat Your Online Business Seriously

My father used to tell me that no matter what I did with my life, I had to give it my best and take it seriously. He mostly meant in terms of my relationships and careers, but I have taken it to heart in all areas of my life.

His words resonated when I started not only my many businesses, but especially my online business. Especially when I saw my potential to earn money online.

Now, my father grew up, lived, and died well before this digital age took off. He saw some of the first home computers and video games, but that was it. He totally missed out on the internet and the cell phone revolution. So when he said “treat it seriously,” he never knew how it would apply to me and my wife one day.

Those words alone have made it possible for me to earn money online with my online business.earn money online with your online business and the six figure mentors

We have always been entrepreneurs. From the classic lemonade stand to starting my own business while still in my teens.  We always wanted to work for ourselves and have done so most of our adult lives.  During my younger years, we learned a lot about running a business. We also learned what not to do with a new business! But all of these ventures were offline.  As the online business craze was starting We were determined to start out own online business. If we could earn money in in the brick and mortar world then we certainly could earn money online. When starting our home business we noticed something. Nobody took it seriously to the point where they were thinking long term. Both long term success and long term income potential. It was all about the ‘get rich quick” models of business.  Scams abounded. It was like watching late night infomercials with guys in money suits yelling “Make money fast!”  We knew there had to be a better way to start an online business and we found it.

The Six Figure Mentors

We had already owned a couple of companies and patents, but we were ready for something new. I did a lot of research and explored a lot of different options. That’s when, by chance, I found the Six Figure Mentors.

After that, our lives completely changed.

We learned that, just like my father used to tell me, you have to take your online business seriously if you want to earn money online. It’s not a hobby. It’s your business, it’s your future. And believe me, we did work hard. We learned a lot when we started our online business and it really has paid off.  What makes it even more enjoyable is that we can make a great living working when and where I want. Both the free time and rewards are very satisfying.

Why I Love My Online Business

earn money online with your online business and the six figure mentorsWe love this job! We don’t have to get dressed in a suit, we don’t have to commute and we don’t even have to leave our beautiful home. But we do have to put our all into everything we do. We may not work a 40-hour week with our online business even though we’re making more than we ever did with a 40-hour work week working for someone else. But the time we do spend with our online business is important and we take it, once again, seriously.  At first, it wasn’t easy work – but nothing worthwhile ever is. I think this is what many people miss the mark on when they have online businesses. You get out what you put into it.  Now don’t get me wrong. You can very easily work the Six Figure Mentor program we’ve been so successful at part time and still realize a great income. The great part is you learn while you earn money online.

We wouldn’t trade what we do for the world. We’ve started a great new online business  and this time it doesn’t involve overhead!  We owe it all to my father who told me “Treat everything seriously.” I miss him and wish he could see my success today. For all of you thinking about starting your own online business and earning money online, listen to the words of my father. You won’t regret it.

We’re entrepreneurs who have helped dozens of people earn money online with their online business.Please contact us for a free 30 minute consultation to discuss all of the options available for you to succeed!

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