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Earn Money Online

Unlock Your Inner Entrepreneur and Earn Money Online!

We are Shawn and Kelly Hodgson, digital marketing coaches and mentors.  We will inspire you to unlock your inner entrepreneur through the power of the internet and teach you how to earn money online! Our 37 years of combined experience is quite extensive in business.  We have not only helped several dozens of people to build their own online businesses but we have built numerous businesses for ourselves. Our measured success with helping others has been anywhere from helping people earn money online a few hundred dollars per day up to making multiple six figure salaries. Recently Aron from Australia came to us with the dilemma of having a decent job however left him with no time with his family.  We then helped him not only earn money and have more time with his family but now Aron is earning a multiple six figure salary and can now work anywhere, online and be with his family.  Then there is Janet from Minnesota who just wanted to supplement her monthly retirement income. The last thing she wanted was to go out find a part time job. She found us and we taught her how to earn money by using the power of the internet a few hours per week from anywhere.  This then allowed her to travel and substantially increase her retirement income.

“Let us inspire you to unlock your inner entrepreneur”

If you know anyone like Aron or Janet who would benefit from our expertise please pass on our information and click here to receive our Free 7 day Boot camp and be introduced to our mentors.

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